It is our pleasure to offer you a bouquet of pleasures, springing from the wisdom of the Bulgarian wine!

A closer look

"Wine is allowed to rulers, since they are allowed everything;
to wanderers, since nothing else can harm them;
and to wise men as they drink in moderation."

The unique wine selection of Hotel Edelweiss offers you a wisely selected collection of the best wine produced on Bulgarian land over the past 10 years. We will offer you superior class wines that have accumulated the warmth of the Bulgarian lands, the light of the sun rises and sunsets of centuries and flavours from the millennia of the most ancient tradition of wine making in the world, born in our land by the Thracians.

 Our winery is furnished entirely in wood, with a massive wooden table and stands for the vintage vino bottles. The carpentry is new, but specially aged to suit  the carvings of the walls and the smoky glass of stained glass - an invaluable piece of art.


Capacity: 14 seats

Reservations are accepted upon request in advance