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The rich history and culture of town Kazanlak, the Rose Valleys and the signs of Thracian Kings – all the reasons to come and get to know the region better.

Just down the road from Edelweiss hotel is the cradle of the famous Bulgarian Rose Festival and the Rose Valley of Kazanlak. 

From the glory of roses and Thracians, unknown artistic and photographic tradition remains here. Kazanlak is the town of the hundred painters gave birth to notable names of the art like Ivan Milev, Dechko Uzunov, Petko Klisurov, Ivan Penkov, Nenko Balkanski and many others. Art Gallery - Kazanlak is one of the oldest and richest galleries in Bulgaria. The only in the country Museum of Photography and Contemporary Visual Arts is situated next to it. The architectural complex includes exhibition halls of  "Iskra" museum, as well.

The Museum of History "Iskra" is among the oldest, richest and most famous regional museums in Bulgaria. In the vault room the latest gold, silver and bronze artifacts from Thracian temples and tombs in the region are exposed. They include the unique golden wreath of Seuthes III, his helmet and knee pads, overall gold and silver horse trappings as well as a rare collection of coins and other objects from the Thracian era, as well as copies of the Bronze head of Seuthes III and the gold mask of Teres from "The Saint" mound.

The Megalith “The door of the Goddess” next to Buzovgrad was built around 1600 years B.C. as an ancient astronomical observatory and ritual cult mystifier of the relations between the Sun and the Mother Goddess — the Earth. The stone blocks are placed so that the sun falls down in the "window" at sunset. The Orphic mysteries of around the megalith were examined by the most famous Bulgarian thracologist Prof. Alexander Fol, who wished his ashes to be scattered through the “The door of the Goddess.” In 2006 this is done by his wife and also a distinguished historian-researcher of Thracians - Prof. Valeriya Fol. The Megalith can be reached by eco trail, presenting unique view of the Rose Valley and Tundzha river valley from south.