We invite you to try our special beef dishes!

The good wine, fine dining, affordable prices, organic food and last but not least - the presentation of the dishes are just few of the reasons to visit Restaurant at Hotel Edelweiss, Buzludzha.

Do you know that near the Buzludzha monument in August the temperature are less than 10 degrees than tempreture down in the city or near the sea coast?  However this is not the only reasons more and more people in the reagion prefer to spend their summer nights at our open wide terrace at the Restaurant with views of the magnificent beech forest. 

The good wine, fine dining, affordable prices, quality healthy food and last but not least - the presentation of the dishes, served gourmet style have not been left unnoticed by the connoisseurs.

"I have been recommended what should I order and there was no need of a pick at the menu! Veal skewers!" - a local food lover stated. There has been a circle of food lover gathered as fans of the restaurant at Edelweiss hotel. Roumor has it that we served specially delivered beef meat. The beef fillet for our skrewers offered with herbs is in fact fresh, juicy fillet. The calf meatballs are cooked by minced on the spot meat, sharing the hotel owners - family Nebi.

In the summer months it is also time for some refreshing additions to out menu. The favourite salad of our team  - Santorini salad is highly recommended - eggplants, sheep cheese, homegrown basil and good quality pesto awaits you.

The Caprese salad with mozzarella, tomatos, basil and pesto is also available for lovers of classic dishes. However it has to be mentioned that for the excellent results and satisfaction of our guests, we depend on the use of only good quality products up to the last drop of olive oil. The Caprese is made with organic tomatoes grown in full sun and the basil is picked at the owner's (Mrs Meliha Nebi) private garden. 

Another jewel at the restaurant is the Balkan salad with roasted green pepper with dill, garlic and buffalo cheese. And all of that perfectly matched with delightful Sauvignon blanc ot cold golden Balkan rakia.

In the list of recommendations for this season, we also left special place for Le Photographe (Sauvignon Blanc), Rongopai wine from New Zealand, 4 FRIENDS (Sauvignon Blanc) bottled by winery TODOROFF and of course the outstanding White Stallion (Chardonnay & Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc) from Angelus Estate.

For the ones that prefer Rose wines - the sparkaling colors and smooth taste of Minkov Brothers „Jamais Vu“ (Rose) are your best choice.

For dessert - the French province cake with yogurt and cranberries jam is not to be missed.

Restaurant Edelweiss is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday up to midnight.

Come and join us in this delightful game of senses!