"We haven’t been after reaching any specific deadlines nor deliberately trying to match Lyudmila Zhivkova’s birthday, after 3 years of hard work, we simply wanted to master every detail before the opening." shared Meliha and Dzhelyal Nebi - the hotel owne

On Lyudmila Zhivkova’s birth date and on the eve of Buzludzha monument's anniversary a former government residence was reopened as a brand new Edelweiss hotel. At the foot of the monumental crown of Bulgarian culture and ideology in the 80s the Communist Party built a Holiday home for the state leaders and its cultural elite. At the time this government residence became the favourite place of Lyudmila Zhivkova - the head of state’s daughter. It gathered all prominent writers, painters, poets, musicians, journalists, actors and men of art of the time. The residence was the mountain center of the Bulgarian bohemians and elite. Today the masterpiece of mountain architecture of the 80s is transformed into a contemporary masterpiece of Bulgarian mountain hotel - modern, cozy, beautiful and offering nice comfort and relaxation in the greenery and freshness of the forest and mountains. "We haven’t been after specific deadlines and have not been looking for the opening date to match any symbolism with the dates related to Buzludza, nor Lyudmila Zhivkova’s birthday on July 26,"  shared the hotel owners - a family from Kazanlak, Meliha and Dzhelyal Nebi, known in the town with their successful longtime business with fashionable clothing exported to Western Europe. The work on the renovation and furnishing of the hotel lasted almost three years. Everything has been repaired and refurbished - even the asphalt pavement has turned into a brand new road to the entrance and a wide parking lot.

"The work was really a lot, shared the owners – the copper roof had been robbed, the restaurant had been divided with gypsum board on the wooden railings and the unique wood carvings were in poor condition - smoked and neglected for decades. Fortunately, carvings and stained glass windows had remained sound during the transition period after the 90s and the experiments of all possible tenants of the building that had remained under the umbrella of the former Chief Administration of Construction Troops."
Nowadays there is not a single hint from these ruins in the Edelweiss hotel. On the contrary - every citizens of Kazanlak who remember what has been done to the property over the past 25 years, will now remain amazed and genuinely delighted by the new hotel.