About The Hotel

Hotel Edelweiss is a renovated masterpiece of mountain architecture in Bulgaria from the end of XX century. The ornaments and decorations are made by the most prominent Bulgarian masters of the 80s.

A closer look

On August 23, 1981 on Buzludzha peak the head of state of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov opened the biggest ideological monument on the Balkan peninsula. “Buzludzha" House-monument was built in honour of the 90th anniversary of the secret congress held on that peak where the communist party was founded. Author of the architectural design is academic-architect Georgi Stoilov. The greatest painters and sculptors of Bulgaria took part in the design and workmanship of the mosaics of the ultra-modern for its time monument.

At the foot of the monumental crown of Bulgarian culture and ideology, the Party built a Holiday home for the state leaders and the cultural elite. The government residence became the favourite place of Lyudmila Zhivkova – a daughter of the Head of state. The home housed all prominent writers, painters, poets, musicians, journalists, actors and artists of the time.

The iconic wood carvings in the residence are made by the greatest woodcarver and painter in our country - prof. Anton Donchev. With a lot of attention and care, almost entirely by hand we restored the wood carvings and the smoked stained glass windows, we kept the architectural and artistic value of the interior. The broken-plan halls in split levels, the vista windows with mountain views, solid wood, cozy rooms and balconies were restored with precise accuracy and respect for the eternity of beauty and elegance. At "Edelweiss" Hotel we will welcome you in the Presidential Suite of Todor Zhivkov. We furnished it in unobtrusive luxury, because we know that the First was modest in his lifestyle. We will tell you the story of "Buzludzha" House-monument in our museum-hall with photographs. 

In the stained glass hall, which is now turned into a refined winery, you will dive into the mystery of the bohemianism of the Bulgarian cultural elite of XX century. The winery offers a special unique selection of the best wines produced in Bulgaria in the past 10 years. In the company of excellent mature wine you will breathe in the old atmosphere of the multilayered discussions about sublime art, world achievements of culture and spirituality beyond the foreseeable, which were favoured and respected by the mystical Lyudmila Zhivkova and her friends. Not surprisingly, that centre for spiritual and cultural mysteries of Bulgarian artists of the XX century was built right here at the foot of Buzludzha. Here is the heart of the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings, located between Kazanlak and Shipka, a treasury of history and culture, overflowing with riches – priceless and mysterious, yet to be explored.

Reception Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 24 hours 

Restaurant Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 8AM to 12PM